DNA Transfolder

DNA Origami Based


Self-assembly of biomolecules has allowed the autonomous configuration of nano-structures through bottom-up methods. However, controlling their movements to perform coordinated functions has been a challenge in designing dynamic devices. Here, we designed a planar DNA Origami based on "Miura Folding", a folding pattern composed of repeated parallelograms which can fold and transform in unison as a whole. The designed structure is composed of units of four parallelogram panels made of double-stranded DNA which are connected by flexible single-stranded hinges at the edges. A strut DNA supports the panels, reacting with signals to open and close the structure. With this, structure transformation can be regulated according to specific signals, and individual units can move synchronously to perform dynamic transformation together. Furthermore, repeating these units can form larger signal-reacting macromolecules with high functionality. In the future this may realize highly designable and regulatable DNA origami robots or add transformability to self-assembled products.